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Bad sports and the ones that got away…

Wayne Rooney Vector Portrait

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Commentary for the WEEKLY SPORT by Duncan Williams.

WAYNE ROONEY’S father may or may not be in breach of the legalities of the betting syndicates. Everyone agrees that the rules of fair play must be a firm bedrock of all financial and sporting exchanges.

‘Pops’ appears to have seen a greedy opportunity and run with it. The gambling regulators, just as quickly, spotted irregular betting patterns and Wayne Rooney Snr. promptly got his collar felt. A working class ‘chancer’, some might say, pushed his luck a little too far for the Establishment’s liking…

But why is it the authorities have been so very slow to make any significant arrests within the privileged world of casino-style banking and high finance?

Years seem to have dragged by since 2008 and the credit crunch, and still very, very few British bankers have been brought to book for their financial recklessness and dishonesty.

Are bankers really above the law?

Or is a Scouce dad with a famous son simply easier game for public retribution? The media are lapping up the story.

When it comes to money, it must never be one rule for wealthy bankers and another for the rest of us. We all know now that irregular financial practise has been a way of life in The City for a generation. 

We know this because muggins taxpayers, meaning all of us, are picking up the bill!

It is time that the books were properly balanced by all of the bookies.

Tax payers from across the world want justice and are clearly prepared to march onto the streets until they get it. Take a look at Wall Street today, the media are not so keen to lap this story up… 

Prosecute Wayne Rooney’s dad if he has done wrong, but don’t forget the ones that got away…


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